Black Gold School Division
Calmar Elementary School

Education Week

This week we are celebrating Education Week.  Our school has chosen a theme “Embrace Bravery” and there are quite a few activities planned to celebrate.  Monday there is a reading swap happening where teachers switch classes and read a theme related story. Tuesday and Wednesday, the whole school will gather in the gym to begin the day with a morning stretch.  Wednesday we also encourage students to wear a hat for “Hats On for Mental Health.”  Our early-dismissal assembly on Wednesday will include a performance by a local musical duo beginning at 1:15 in the gym.   On Thursday, we encourage all students to dress up as their future career!  We are excited to see the aspirations of our student body!   On Friday, we will have a surprise activity.  And lastly, throughout the week our classes are participating in a school wide Art Walk.  The theme for the Art Walk is “Under the Sea.”  We hope you will find some time before or after school this week to take a stroll through our hallway Art Walk.  Watch out for the sharks!

Happy Education Week, everyone!