Calmar Elementary School


The Last Day of School is June 26, 2024


Welcome to Calmar Elementary

Calmar Elementary School (CES) is fundamentally dedicated to fostering the core values necessary to equip students with lifelong relational and academic skills. Parents place their trust in the school faculty to prepare students for the academic, emotional, and social challenges they will face in the future. As the school has been entrusted with a parent’s most treasured gift, both home and school collectively aspire to create the best learning and working environment for children. Acquiring a core academic skill set, founded upon the need to recognize every individual’s intrinsic value, remains the primary goal at Calmar Elementary School.

Through their years of schooling at Calmar Elementary, it is hoped students never lose sight of responsible citizenship, recognizing the role each one of them plays in promoting a gratifying learning environment for everyone. As such, CES staff continuously strives to model and instill behaviors deemed essential to foster a positive climate in which all students thrive.