Black Gold School Division
Calmar Elementary School

Student Recognition

Student Recognition Grades 4-6

  • Citizenship Award (Grades 4-6) 



–  considerate

–  positive role model

–  volunteer

–  follows the rules and has initiative

–  well rounded individual

  • Pursuit of Excellence Award (Grades 4-6) 


always works hard

accepts responsibility for their behaviour and learning

strong educational ability or progress made throughout the year

good work habits

Students who are awarded Citizenship or Pursuit of Excellence will receive a certificate in the mail during July.

  • Sting Ray Award (Grade 6)


possesses the self-confidence to demonstrate strong character traits consistently in their daily school life.

is involved in a wide variety of school activities.

is academically successful.

shows leadership both in and out of the classroom.

The Sting Ray award will be presented at the Grade 6 Farewell on the last day of school.