Black Gold School Division
Calmar Elementary School

Safire In-School Field Trip Jan 30/18

On Tuesday, January 30, CES is hosting the second of four (4) in-school field trips for students. These presentations are being offered as a cost-friendly alternative to much more expensive out-of-school trips. The fee for in-school performances will be a Toonie ($2) per student. To keep admission affordable for CES families, the remainder of the presentation fees will be covered by school funds.

These presentations are classified as field trips; as such, the same guidelines apply to in-school field trip as any other out-of-school field trip. Permission forms and payment are available online up to and including the day of each presentation. Students who have not received permission to participate in the in-school field trip, or who have not provided payment will not be permitted to attend the performance. Alternative activities under adult supervision will be provided for those not partaking of the in-school field trip.

The second performance of the year, Safire, has received multiple rave reviews from other host schools, and we anticipate our students will find the presentation equally entertaining and informative. Please access your Acorn account for information regarding permission and payment for this event by Monday, January 29, 2018.