Black Gold School Division
Calmar Elementary School

Grade 4 Canoe Trip


On Thursday, October 6, the grade four students will embark on a journey down the North Saskatchewan River in authentic replica voyageur canoes.  We will be paddling along places where the voyageurs traveled during the fur trade.  As we learn about the history of the making of Canada in social studies, including much about the time of the fur trade, this canoe trip is a way for students to experience an adventure similar to that of a real voyageur long ago.


We will be on the water for three to four hours, depending on the flow of the river, and we will be working hard paddling the huge canoes.  Therefore, it is very important that your child bring a hearty bag lunch, along with at least two snacks and a minimum of two water bottles.  All of this should be packed into a backpack that your child will carry him/herself and which will likely get wet or muddy.  Please send a garbage bag that your child can store his/her backpack in while on the water.


Because it is quite cool in the mornings in fall, it is highly recommended that your child dress in layers, with shorts and a t-shirt underneath long pants and a heavy sweatshirt and/or jacket.  This will allow your child to take layers off as they heat up due to paddling and afternoon sun.  It is also highly recommended that your child bring a pair of gloves to wear in the morning, as on the water it is quite cool to begin with.  Please be aware that footwear may get wet (in fact it is highly likely), so rubber boots or water-resistant footwear and an extra pair of socks would be a good idea. We will return to the school prior to dismissal time, so your child can head home as per usual at the end of the school day.


We will require some parent helpers to join us for this field trip. We assure you that you will have a great day with your child and his/her classmates!  Please let me know if you can be a helper for our trip via email at  


The cost of this field trip is $32 per student, which includes cost of bussing, as well as a guide for each canoe.  All student payments must be made using the online payment system.  If you require assistance with this, Mrs. Vandenberghe in the library would be happy to help you out.  Please also fill in the permission form provided and send it back to the school by Friday, September 30th.

Hopefully the weather will provide for a beautiful day on the North Saskatchewan River.   If you have any questions, please contact me at the email noted above.


Mrs. E. Forwick-Whalley

Mrs. Sue Biddell

Mrs. Karen Russell