Black Gold School Division
Calmar Elementary School

CES Parent Help Needed

Parents we need your help with a few matters!

East Bus Lane & Bootroom

Over the past week, I have noticed how congested the east bootroom is at the end of the day.  Parents are trying to come into the boot room while students are trying to get to the boot racks for their shoes and make their way to the buses.

In order to alleviate some of the crowdedness at the end of the day, we are asking that parents wait outside and your child’s teacher will help your child come out to you, or wait in the foyer.  

We are also asking that all strollers and wagons stay outside while you are picking up your child(ren) as this will help to avoid overcrowding.

Student Drop off – Pick up

There are a few reminders when dropping off and picking up your child(ren)

  • The keyhole at the front of the school is meant to be a “Kiss and Go” drop off spot in order to keep traffic moving and to avoid congestion.  

  • Please be mindful of the speed limit when coming into the school yard. There are people moving about and we would hate for someone to get hurt.

  • Please do not leave your vehicle idling.  The exhaust gets quite bad, especially if your vehicle is backed in toward the sidewalk, and the students have to walk through that and breathe in the exhaust.

We appreciate your assistance and cooperation in dealing with these matters.

Mrs. Hawkins