Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
Calmar Elementary School

Principal’s Corner

Welcome to Principal’s Corner

As Calmar Elementary School continues to move into the digital age and paperless information gathering, Principal’s Corner will be a new feature on the school’s website. The purpose of Principal’s Corner will be to share various articles, as well as provide commentary about pertinent school issues with members of our adult school community, primarily: parents, guardians, and other caregivers. The information within this section of the CES webpage is meant to improve our school’s culture by emphasizing positive ways of interacting with each other. Some material will be of an editorial nature; as such, the opinions expressed will be mine alone in what I believe is for the greater common good of our whole school. Commentaries will not necessarily be embraced by everyone within our immediate school community, nor will the viewpoints expressed by me be definitively endorsed by others within the greater community of Black Gold Regional Schools; subsequently, any comments or concerns about the submissions should be expressed directly to me as the contributor of the articles. In the spirit of open communication between all of us as members of the Calmar Elementary School community, I sincerely hope Principal’s Corner enhances my personal goal and vision for a more cohesive, interconnected school family of which we are all a part.


Luc Lavigne



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